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Download Angry Birds Game Full Version + Patch + Serial Number for PC

Angry Birds games - At the first time it launched Angry Birds was a game that's represented for iPhone and iPad users, then by times it's been increasing and become very populer including for PC games. Angry Birds is a very cool games that has downloaded over 100 million users from all of the world.

Here's the spesifications requerments to play Angry Birds games for PC :

* Windows XP/Vista/7
* Please note you have min processor 1 Ghz
* Memory/Ram min 256MB
* VGA Card = Direct X, OpenGL and Ram 32MB
* Hard disk Space 50MB

Instruction to Installing Angry Birds Rio for PC :

Step 1. Just simply install Angry Birds Rio for PC but don't running before you untick.
Step 2. Then you run file Patch.exe in the Folder Patch.
Step 3. Now you click Patch, then you find the location "program files" to Install
Step 4. Run the game now then you enter the serial number on the folder
Step 5. Now, you are ready to play the cool angry Birds game from your PC. Enjoy!

Download: Angry Birds Full version for PC

We do apologize the link download was broken, please read another posts.

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