Aug 25, 2011

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Angry Birds V 1.62 Free Download Full Serial Number Patch Mediafire for PC

Angry Birds - If you have  downloaded and installed Angry Birds Full version, or Angry Birds V 1.22 it's time you upgrade it to the Angry Birds V 1.62. In this 1.62 version of Angry Birds, with a bottomless appetite, the bad piggies have burrowed deep in underground caverns to hide the eggs they stole from you. There's an advantage for you to chase the pigs out of their hiding holes, gather rare gems, and retrieve the eggs.

Angry Birds V 1.62 Updates:

You'll find 15 new levels for the Mine and Dine episode!
There's more collectible jewels you can Find!
Oomes to Fixed Problems with loading times when starting Angry Birds.

System Requirements:

OS Supports: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1 GHz (Minimal)
Memory: 256 MB RAM

To download Angry Birds V 1.62, you can visit the following URL below

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