Aug 11, 2011

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45 Status Updates about Karma for Facebook

For those who believes in Karma, or if you don't then you must be believe in causal law. However believe it or not, many times in this life we get what we give, whether it's bad or good!! what goes around comes back around. Anyway, these below are Facebook status updates related with Karma, just pick up the best one for you to post them on your Facebook wall. Then don't miss to find more interesting status updates in this blog where you can get here, or you also can use "Search Box" then type your keywords there to find more status updates, always enjoy yourself and choose to be happy :)

Looking at your current state of pathetic circumstances, I'd say karma is masterfully tucking you into the bed you have made.

When people hurt u over and over, think of them like a sand paper. They may scratch and hurt u a bit but in the end, u end up polished and they end up useless.

Hang on, is that the karma train I hear coming your way? Toot,toot, well it's about time!!!

a cheater will always cheat, a liar will always lie and then they wonder why their life is so bad?

Karma is a wonderful thing. Have patience and watch it unfold.

soon enough karma will hit someone... grab the popcorn and enjoy the show

One day karma will hit you real hard, and knock you out & I will be there laughing(:

u can only get away with things for a certain amount of time...and trust me, your time is running out

Let the players play, and let the haters hate, cos karma has a lovely way of handling their fate!

i don't stay up all night and think of ways to get revenge i simply relax and let KARMA do the job:)

What goes around, comes around! Don't assume what you've done won't go will, in due time!

I don't have time for childish drama. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

you can say anything you want about me, cause honestly, i don't give a crap what others think of me, I'm not changing for anyone

may the fleas of 1 thousand camels infest the crotch of those that do you harm... and may their arms be too short to scratch

I am true to myself & my beliefs I am glad I was taught to accept me for me to live life to the fullest & not change myself to make others happy.

You can say whatever you want. Just remember, when Karma comes around to hit you, that Karma is me.

How people treat you is their karma but how you react is yours! The truth is that everyone is going to hurt just gotta decide who is worth the pain

Treat others how you would like to be treated. So if you treat me like crap and stab me in the back, is that how you want me to treat you? Just wondering.

really hates hearing people whine about how they have been done wrong, when all along they are the ones lying and's called ask for it!

some people just need to have a nice slap in the face but as much as i want to i resist.. because i know karma can hit you way harder than i ever could

Karma - the joy of watching someone get what they deserve.

watch your THOUGHTS they become your WORDS - watch your WORDS they become your ACTIONS - watch your ACTIONS for they become your CHARACTER

For every action there is a consequence, what goes around comes around. Karma will teach us all something, Whether we like it or not.

People that pretend to be your friend, while they are stabbing you in the back deserve every ounce of bad karma the universe sends them in their pathetic lives!

One day you will learn that you can't keep walking all over people and expect them to keep coming back for more, and that day may come sooner than you think

Karma is God's law of perfect justice

someday you will get what you deserve for all the gossiping and lies you've spread you MASTER HYPOCRITE..I hope you'll love being alone and hated by EVERYONE!!

"What goes around comes back around,"simple words but powerful. Do bad it will hit u ten times worse, Do good it will come back 100 times BETTER...

I can be the kindest, warmest person you have ever met or I can be the coldest, meanest SOB you have ever just depends on how you treat me.

you can twist & bend the truth as much as you want, but eventually it'll all come out.

I love when ppl try & trash talk me & my kids. If they spent half that energy on being better themselves, they wouldn't have the reputation they do. Just sayin'

From this point on I'm going to treat people exactly how they treat me. Some should be glad. Others should be very scared. It's Karma!

Ignore the people who upset you, let karma do the rest

I make a better friend, than I do an enemy.

Karma - the joy of watching someone get what they deserve. Professionalism - the ability to sit back and enjoy the show and keep your mouth shut!

Someday all the lies, gossip, & judgments I watch you create will come back around & smack you in the worst way possible and I will be eating popcorn watching!

if your going to talk about me, talk about me to my face and see how i talk back!

While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our think before you act because it cant be taken back!

It is a WASTE of my time and energy to get mad... I will just sit back, bite my tongue and wait for my friend KARMA..

It should tell you something when you walked away, and I didn't chase you. That's because I know that I deserve better!!

wonders if people are prepared for me to "do unto them" as they have "done unto me"?

You better be careful what you say to me...because it might turn around on you, you better be be careful what you do to me, because somebody might do it to you

, let's play truth or dare... or maybe just dare since nobody tells the truth anymore.

I'm a true believer in karma... You get what you give, whether it's bad or good!! what goes around comes back around!!

The Karma Train is coming..Choo.. Choo.. I may not be driving it but I'm in the first row seat!!


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