Aug 4, 2011

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35 Coffee Status Update Ideas for Facebook

Here's 35 status update ideas about coffee. You can start your morning fresh and open up Facebook with hot coffee c[_]~ to warm your body, isn't great right? well, anyway find out more interesting status updates in this blog with various of topics with clicking in here, or use "search box" then type your keywords there to begin your searching for your status update at the moment.

computer, Facebook, COFFEE, check ... OK, Good morning world.'s like swallowing sunshine :)

is upright and has coffee in hand. This is a good sign!

should not say or do anything until coffee has entered the bloodstream

Has just finished an entire pot of coffee in order to get motivated to do absolutely nothing!

I had this awesome thought!! Another cup of coffee and I bet I will remember what it was!

- the world is safe. I've started the day with some nice, strong coffee. Bring on the day!

There is no such thing as sleep deprivation, there is only caffeine deficiency.

oh great. its monday. now where did i leave my stress ball and coffee cup...

...just realized how much better coffee tastes when I can sit back, relax and enjoy it without watching the clock. Gotta love non-work days.

A day without coffee is like, like...hell let's just say you don't want to find out!

is highly caffeinated. I wouldn't move too quickly, if I were you

When you first touched my lips ,I knew it would be a love of a lifetime ! Love that Coffee! What the hell were you guys thinking :)

Coffee is not a beverage... It's a moment of pleasure..ahhhhhhh

is coating his brain cells in coffee. Do not expect coherent thought until the blood-brain barrier has been crossed.

is up early, has had his coffee and is now planning on what mischief he can get up to today!

Sure I'm addicted. But the life my morning coffee saves today, might just be your own ;)

I'm not addicted to coffee, we're just in a committed relationship.

Pessimists say the cup is half empty, optimists say the cup is half full...I say either way it's not going to be enough coffee.

Good friends, good life, good coffee, Good Morning!

Coffee coffee coffee coffee. Coffee coffee coffee coffee...COFFEE. Holy Starbucks Batman, it's coffee!!

Today's forecast: slightly drowsy at first but with increasing hyperactive later, due to the high levels of caffeine ingested. :D

thinks that drinking coffee gives his the ability to do dumb things faster and with more enthusiasm.

I am neither legally, morally nor ethically responsible for anything I say or do prior to 3 cups of coffee...

AAHHHH coffee!! the human equivalent of petrol!

People say that drinking coffee every day is dangerous. But I say the bigger risk to your health is standing between me and my sweet cup of caffeinated joy!

Time for bed my Facebook friends, I can no longer play. Can you make sure you turn the lights off and set the coffee pot for the am before you turn in. Thanks!!

All good things begin with COFFEE.

ALRIGHT! nobody move! slowly pass the coffee and no one gets harmed.

every morning I long to hold you..I need you, I want you, I have to have you...your warmth,your smell,your taste...ohhh coffee,I love you

WARNING! Approach with extreme caution. Caffeine levels dangerously low. In need of major coffee fix!

Forget Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman! MY SUPER-HERO? The person who discovered that you can grind a small brown bean, boil it in water and make COFFEE!

COFFEE: Liquid life support!

It's coffeetime!

The one friend you can always rely on, who will always be there for you, no matter what... Thank you, coffee! I don't know what I would do without you!


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