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[Video] - This is what Happend to his Ex GirlFriend! [Facebook SCAM]

This scam has just acrossed on my Facebook News feed recently. The massage says video that happend to his Ex GirlFriend.  If you found this message, or any similar sayings with those words on your Facebook wall, recognize them, then avoid from any click on it immediatelly. Anyway check out the complete messages of this scam below:

[Video] OMG. This is what Happend to his Ex Girlfriend!
OUCH. She could not walk properly for days!

And these below are variations of the scam:

[Video]- This is what Happend to his Ex GirlFriend!
Play Video! She could not walk properly for days!

[Video] Look at what happened to his Ex-Girlfriend
She was having trouble walking for days!

Look what he did after her Ex girlfriend posted on his wall
lol What true pain both are having at this moment.?

After I clicking on that link, it took me to the following web page that wants me to click "Jaa" button before running to watch a video with an age verifictions needed, in the image below:

"Are you older than 13 years old?
If so click "Jaa" tiwce.

Then clicking on that "Jaa" button, it'll make this link shared automatically to Facebook wall.

Once it succeed shared on Facebook wall, then it'll displays automatically the page survey as you can see in the following screenshot:

(Click on image for view larger)

You know that Facebook site won't ask You to do a survey to watch/play a video. Avoid clicking on that link because the link not leading you to a promised content but a (fake) survey scam instead. If you made a wrong clicked just simply remove and unlike this post-link from your newsfeed by clicking on "x".

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