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How To Get Back To The Old Facebook Chat Version

Since Facebook changed Chat Sidebar into the new interface, many users hate it. This is indicated when I published an article titled "New Chat Sidebar on Facebook" a couple weeks ago, I have been got so many comments from readers that almost 100% they have said "Hate It", so that most of them have asked me with these questiens "How to get back to the old Facebook chat on Mac?", or "How to disable new facebook chat?".

The New Facebook Chat sidebar not only disguisting as it as looks, but the worse ist not displays all friends who's online at the momment. The new Facebook chat sidebar says It is the new interface chat with the friends you the most, but I think it's not a good idea had made by Facebook with this new chat interface. However, after I've been acrossed searched on Google, I have found the way how to get back to the old Facebook chat that will displays all of your friends who's online, as you can see in the screenshot below:

(Click on image for view larger)

Well, to get back to the old Facebook chat just click here. So guys, let me know what do you think by leaving comments below!


  1. Kang yana tau aja kebutuhan masyarakat hehehe

  2. @OniWebster: Iyaa atuh harus ..hehe :D


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