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Google+: How to remove or delete friends from Google Plus Account

In earlier post I have posted How to invite friends to Google + plus account. And now this post will show you how to remove or delete your friends from your circle list. Well then, just follow the simple instructions below:

How to remove or delete friends from Google plus (Google+) account:

Step 1. From your "Home" dashboard, just simply click "Circle" icon on top menu.

Step 2.  Then it'll displays list of your friends: To remove friends directly, just click on friends you wanna remove, then you click "remove" button on the right-side, as you can see in the following image:

(Click on image for view larger)

Or, you can navigating a friend you wanna remove by choosing the specific of your "circle" (Friends, family, following, etc). Then you click on that circle.

(Click on image for view larger)

Once you clicked on it. It'll displays the following box. Then now you choose your friends and click on them who you want to remove, then you click "remove" button, after that you click "Save" to finish it.

(Click on image for view larger)

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