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6 Tips to Keep Blogging while enjoy Vacation

Just like everyone else a Blogger needs a vacation to refresh mind and body, to have fun, to finding joy, to meet people, new adventure, hanging arround with family or friends. Now, you might be think that while you enjoying your vacation but you don't want to leave your audience and you still want to keep your blog updated. Well, this is something good and kind of advantage for you if you want to keep updating your blog during a vacation to keep in touch with your audience. As you know that Blogging isn't something you're doing like an official officer who works at office, even though you're a professional Blogger but you're not do Blogging from eleven to five, right? You can do Blogging anytime you want, even on vacation.

These below are some ideas to keep Blogging while you enjoy vacation:

1. Before you heading to leave home, make sure you have created some articles and saved them as a "Drafts". So, you can publish articles you have saved as draft anytime you want even on the road.

2. For those who using platform from wordpress or blogspot you can use "Schedule Posts" to publish articles. Which means this will makes you to auto publish your articles and keep update while you enjoying your holidays.

3. If you're kind of Blogger who open widely the "Guest post", I think this is a good idea to publish them on your blog while you enjoy your trip to keep update.

4. Don't forget to prepare everything your blogging stuff you need such as: Laptop, Cell phone, iPad, etc.

5. You can publish your articles from mobile phone-update for simplier. Well, during on holiday you might meet with local people or new places which interesting for you to update it.

6. Double check the places you want to visit before you leave. Does those places available for internet connection or not, because this is something very crucial when you'll about do blogging while you on vacation.

Well guys, if you have any other tips related to keep update Blog while enjoying trip or holiday, drop them on comment box below.

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