Jun 8, 2011

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Friend Matrix Photos - Analyzes your profile and creates a unique collage of your best friends.

The new Facebook application "Friend Matrix" or "My Friends Matrix" has been very popular just for a couple weeks after it launched which is now creating 200,000 images per day.  Unlike the usual style Facebook friends app, Friend Matrix works out which of your friends you interact with the most and displays them in a collage of photos in a much larger image than others.

The Friend Matrix created by Andrew which is a third party app one that is not developed by Facebook themselves. Here's what Andrew has said about the app:

“Our goal in building the application was to create an interesting way to visualize your friend relationships. We launched the application a few weeks ago and it has been growing rapidly since then. We’re currently generating over 200,000 images per day.”
- Andrew, Co-Founder Friend Matrix

Friend Matrix includes the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to keep the privacy of users, this will help you make an informed decision about using the Application. which you can visit via this link http://friendmatrix.co/privacy. Anyway, just to let you know there's another Facebook app called "Friend Rank" which has made people wondering, it is scam ot not? so check them out! and find the answer.


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