Jun 11, 2011

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Download NoDoFollow Add-on for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 | Free Browser Plugin

Since Mozilla Firefox been updated to 4.0 version many people frustated about to use the plugin "NoDofollow" add-on because it doesn't work on that new version. Even many of them are going back to the old version of Firefox just only want to get this plugin "NoDofollow" supports for their browser. But now, there's a good news for those who using Firefox 4.0, you don't have to worry again, because now you can install "Nodofollow" plugin on your Firefox 4.0. called "NoDofollow 1.3"

How to read NoFollow and DoFollow?

1. Once you have installed "NoDoFollow 1.3" on your firefox browser. Firstly you should active  this function by click on "Tools" from your Firefox browser, then you "tick" the plugin "NoDoFollow"

2. Then now you will see, there's marked 2 colors (Red and Blue). Which means Blue=DoFollow, and Red=NoFollow. So that with this differences you can comments on DoFollow blogs to get and build backlinks (But Don't spam them, keep your comments related with the topic)

While the plugin NoDoFollow 1.3 Add-on for Firefox 4 you can download now. All you need to do just to allowing it to install or run on your Firefox 4.0 browser.

Download: NoDoFollow 1.3 for Firefox 4.0


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