Jun 3, 2011

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Annoying - Annoyed Facebook status updates

Are you get annoyed by someone, or he/she quite annoying you. Well then, if the person you meant is on your friend list, you can use these facebook status update below, then post it to your Facebook wall. Which these statuses related with a bad things, a bad mood, annoying, annoyed etc. You can find annoying status updates, bad status updates, annoyed facebook status. However find more interesting for Facebook status updates with many topics just simply click here, then if you still didn't find status updates you're looking for, use 'search box' on the right-top-navbar of the blog.

knows some People need a real dose of reality. But it won't come from me. I'm having too much fun watching the show.

some things are best left unsaid and that some people need to grow up and Keep their mouth closed about things they know NOTHING about!!

hates it when someone says they are not ignoring you but yet they are not talking to you...

Dear Universe: Anything else you'd like to throw at me today?

Sometimes i think adults are bigger snitches than kids!!! Grow up and mind your own business!!! If it ain't about you, then don't tell it!!

Yeah... let me know when the old you comes back. I liked that one a lot better :(

Sometimes I just give up... Why bother when I know nothing's going to change

I don't feel that I should have to justify my actions to you or to anyone else for that matter...don't like what I do then move on and quit worrying ITS MY LIFE

Facebook...where people can pretend to be everything they really are not..to the friends they really don't have!

is really tired of the same old s***

Have you ever noticed that the people that tell you to calm down are the people that pissed you off in the first place?

if you want to talk to me then do it, don't pretend i am your friend one minute then not talk to me the next.

Where is life's " CONTROL+ALT+DELETE" when ya need it?

once you made the decision to end our friendship, you also ended the right to know what goes on in my life. So quit asking people, it's no longer your concern.

..wouldn't it be cool if we could block people in real life, just like on Facebook?..one click and poof, you're gone!

Why is it the people with the most screwed up lives think they are the ones to give advice to others!

says: When life hands you lemons, squirt it in some one elses eye and then stand there laughing. They can't see you, so why bother running?!

Wonders how some people can be so selfish and inconsiderable at times.

Lord give me patience because if you give me strength I may beat someone to death.

I started off in a great mood today. Then, people started coming along and pissing me off.

wishes life had an 'escape' button

Why does it just so happen that everything today feels like a total slap in the face?

Seriously, I don't have the energy to deal with anyone else's neurotic episodes, I barely have the energy to deal with mine ;P

I'm sarcastic? Really? Well congratulations Captain Obvious you've figured me out!

ever noticed how people can forget about the one person that was there for them when they needed a friend the most as soon as someone new comes in the picture?

Ignorance is bliss and bullets are cheap! Have a nice day!

"Tired" is an understatement. "Half dead" is a better way of putting it!

I smile because I love you. I laugh because I feel lucky. I cry because I don't want to lose you. But I will punch you if you carry on pissing me off.

is in a Bad mood, and annoyed by certain people

I've got five fingers; the middle is yours.


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