Jun 24, 2011

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10 Facebook Statuses to make Ex Jealous

Well, it's not easy to face and seeing your ex got a new boy/girl friend and he/she still on your list while you're not brave enough to remove him/her from your Facebook. Get calm and relax! the world isn't the end yet :), Yup, of course there will be jealousy you feel from the inside. Never show to him/her your real feelings :D. Anyway, these are status updates related with Jealosy: status to make someone jealous, status to make ex jealous, status to make a guy jealous, facebook status to make him jealous, statuses to make a guy jealous, facebook status to make her jealous, facebook statuses to make him jealous, facebook status to make someone jealous. However if you need more interesting statuses just click here. Or you can use "Search Box" and type the keyword to starts searching statuses in the blog.

One thing you should always remember is that you should never love someone with all your heart. Because when it's gone, you'll feel like you have nothing left.

I get Jealous because I love you & I don't want anybody to have you but me I get Jealous because your the only person I want & I don't want to lose you.

Sorry, but uh, jealousy doesn't look good on you, sweetheart. :)

Don't lie boy i can see that im all that's on you mind so why don't you do us a favor and break up with her and lets make this official

You think I am jealous of Her! She puts the E is easy :)

You know you have something wonderful when everyone around you is trying to destroy it because they can't have it themselves.

I'm the Original, Your just the cheap knock off ,So deal with it honey you can never be me!

I'm ME. You are YOU. Relax. Enjoy your own life as it comes. Stop tryna outdo those around you; It's not a good look. Be happy with who you are & what you have.

I keep my page public so all you haters have something to talk about. Your jealousy amuses me... can we say stalker? ;-D

Don't hate cuz I'm real and truly have talent; hate cuz you can't compete.


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