May 15, 2011

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Top 20 status games for Facebook

For those who are Facebook games addicted. Here are the status games for facebook, or the status updates that related with Facebook games. You may want to update your Facebook status while you're planting on your FarmVille. Enjoy and have fun with them, however if you need more statuses with different topics, just
click here. or if you still didn't find what you're searching for in this blog, try to use "Google search box" on the right top nav bar of the blog.

Why is it whenever I checkout some people's Farmville plots I feel I've stepped into an episode of Hoarders?!

What's up with all these "ville" games? Fishville, Farmville, Yoville... and where the hell is Margaritaville?

I'm like a game once you used up your turn you cant play me any more

(New FB Game) Inbox me your credit card number and pin and I'll post what I purchased in my status! Note: canceled cards will get your butt kicked!

NEW GAME: IN-BOX me your bank account & routing # AND/OR your credit
card #and Billing Address & in my status I will post which bill I paid with it

GAME TIME>> Find a Picture in my Albums. The Picture that has the most [Like] 's by the end of the day will be my Profile Picture. Take your time pick a good 1!

My name isn't Monopoly, so don't try to play me.

You know you are addicted to World of Warcraft when you see a person you don't like and try to send in your minion!

I went outside once... The graphics were alright, but the gameplay sucked.

They say playing video games is a waste of time, but I credit Tetris
for the speed and agility I display when bagging my own groceries.

God wins. Satan loses. Game over.

Playa ur game is lame, oh wat a shame, u passed up this hot flame, u only got urself to blame, cuz I guarantee u wud have been sayin' my name!!

You know you're a tad addicted to Farmville when you contemplate setting your alarm for 4am to harvest your crops for the co-op farming to get the gold... LOL

has friends and family that need to go to F.A.A (Farm ville Addicts Anonymous). And you know I am talking about you!!!

OMG! It's pretty bad when you're addicted to status shuffle because you are waiting to harvest your crops in Farmville... or is it the other way around? UH-OH!

People who keep sending me farmville request please stop. I got caught growing weed, selling it in mafia wars & yoville while making weed brownies in cafeworld

has just acquired 100,000 gallons of RoundUp and is plotting to destroy all your frickin' Farmville crops. muahahahahaha!!!

1 Farm for sale, comes with loads of animals heaps of crops, and loads of bugs that are unresolved lol.

I have been very productive today...I've farmed, collected from my businesses and tenants, been to the frontier, cooked, and gone to several islands..I'm tired.

BREAKING NEWS: Due to Swine Flu fears, Facebook is ordering IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF ALL PIGS in Farm Town or Farmville!!!


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