May 24, 2011

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Infographic social media: Facebook vs TV

Recently has released an infographic between social media Facebook vs Televison for people in UK. Which said that they're spent 2.5 hours using Facebook longer than to watch on TV just spent 2 hours. Then I think for those who own company and want to promote your products, you may considering Facebook now to put your ads. You can compare which one is better beteween facebook ads or television ads, you may think that facebook is a social utility is better from a television if you're about going to using facebook ads and also the facebook ads price is cheaper than Televesion ads price. The infographic below is not leading you to the best answer, but at least give you an informations you need if you're about goung to put your ads budget and markte target.

Well then check out the social media graphics below Facebook vs TV

Facebook vs TV usage infographic


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