Apr 8, 2011

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Questions for Facebook status

John's mother has 4 kids, the first one's name is April, the second one is named May, the third one's name is June. Whats the fourth kid's name? Lol :D, what do you think?, anyway do you have a questions?, drop them on your wall, and let's your friends answer it and do the job while you drink a cup of coffee or laying down on bed enjoying the laziness saving your energy :)

Well, here are questions to ask on facebook status, funny facebook status questions, good questions to ask on facebook status. However, if you need more statuses updates with a lot of many topics, just click here!

Suggestion: 25 questions status updates for Facebook

How good do you know me. Full name? Favorite song? Eye color? Hair color?, Favorite color?, Favorite kind of food, and 2 of my friends names? Comment below.

Here is a question. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife switched phones and Facebook profiles for 24 hrs would you still have a relationship?

wants to know, what is ONE thing you CANNOT live WITHOUT?

Asks... If u saw me bein arrested... what do u think it would be for? (ANSWER BELOW PLZ)

do u remember the first time we met? where?how?

How is it that when you watch a really scary movie YOU DON'T GET SCARED but you jump and scream every time a pop tart pops out of the toaster?

if u only had 1 minute to talk to me, what would u say?? (answer honestly!)

if i was a warning label what would i say?

If there was one song that reminded you of me, what would it be?

Loves ____ the most. <-- What do you think the gap is? Comments bellow

From A to Z use a word to describe me. Please post your description word below, please stay in order. Let's try to do the entire alphabet.

1. What song reminds you of me? 2. Describe me in one word 3. What's one thing you like about me? Answer all 3 then make this your status if you're brave enough

if you had one last chance to talk to me what would u say?in-box me and tell me :)

Why can superheroes wear their underwear over their clothes and be praised but i do it and get laughed at?

Is it just me or did no one else know what a Durian tree was until they started playing Farmville?

if you saw me in 7 years and i had a ring on my finger who would you think i was married to ?? comment below

I hope you all enjoyed all the statuses. Anyway, if you want to share the statuses your own that you might to share with us, please drop them on comment box below! :)


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