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Justin Bieber status updates for Facebook | Twitter

Do you have Bieber fever? If yes, think you need go to the Doctor :)

Well, if you're just another Justin Bieber fan or if you have really serious Bieber Fever, then try to answer all of these questions, do you? anyway:D

1. Has Justin Bieber visited Bloggerclick.com? :D
2. What does Justin consider himself most of?
3. Why did Justin write "Down to Earth".
4. What is Justin's best friends name?
5. What three songs did Justin write on his own?
6. What is the name of Justin's half sister and how old is she?
7. Justin Bieber has a... ?
8. What's Justin Bieber says about Bloggerclick.com? lol :D

Okay, no matter what you are a bieber fever or not, here are the statuses updates that related with Justin Bieber:

16 years old. 3 albums. 1 book. 1 movie. 1 tour. 200+ concerts. Billions of fans. 2 years. Justin Drew Bieber. :)

Like if u r a DB. (dedicated belieber)

Press *like* if you think Justin Drew Bieber is the hottest guy who ever walked this Earth!:)

Boy: "Man, Justin Bieber has such a girl voice. Girl:"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! It's the voice of an ANGEL!!"

Justin Bieber = Smooth talkin, swag walkin, good lookin, Twitter King :)

I don't have Bieber Fever. I have Bieberitis! It's sorta like Bieber Fever, but it's about 100 times worse and CAN NOT be cured:)

Has a headache because they was listening to Justin Bieber on Full Blast on their iPod! I guess That's Bieber Fever! <3

Justin Bieber is like a krabby patty. everyone secretly likes them, but some people decide to be like squidward and pretend they don't.

Justin Bieber was kidnapped: 90% would cry, 9% would say yes; like this if you're the 1% who's shutting a closet door saying,"Shut up Bieber!"

Every time Justin Bieber comes on the radio my dog screams in pain.

I am not asking you to like Justin Bieber... I am just ask you to give himm a chance...

doctor:"I'm afraid we have to quarantine your daughter." mom: "why? what does they have?" doctor: "the worst case i have ever seen of...Bieber fever." :D

seriously guys, it's okay. The only reason guys hate Justin Bieber (my love) is because they're jealous that we like Justin and not them. suckerr. :)

Justin Bieber taught me to Never Say Never (: Never Say Never 3D

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or if you would like to share the statuses about Justin Bieber, please dorp on comment box below, thanks!

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