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Friday night status updates

Here are Friday night statuses you can post on you Facebook wall or Twitter. And this  another statuses Friday, weekend statuses, then check out more statuses with so many various of topics.

Woo Hoo! It's Friday night!!! Time to get wild, time to get crazy...AKA time to clean house, time to do laundry:(

The Friday night alcohol fairy has just arrived!

It is Friday Night and All is Right!;0)

You know you are getting old when your urge to celebrate on Friday nights loses out to your urge to sleep...

Friday morning, mmm...Coffee! Friday night, mmmmmm...Margarita!

FYI don't ever ask me to hold your drink...I WILL DRINK IT with out any warning! lol There for this is your warning.

It's Friday night. Do you know where your drink is?

TGIF!!! There isn't enough beer in the world to erase the horrors of this week but I sure am going to give it a good try.

I say screw the weather man because they doesn't know my forecast for Friday 100% chance of getting drunk :)

May I have your attention please: I'd like to introduce everyone to Friday...Friday, this is everyone...Now lets party!!

well well well...look who is here...it's Friday night.enjoy :))

FRIDAY night...It's about damn time!

It's Friday night, It's gonna be nice, everyone get out and enjoy it somehow, someway, somewhere with someone!

when all else fails, remember it's FRIDAY night

It's Friday night. Glorious wonderful Friday!! Did you hear me everybody? IT'S FRIDAY!! This message is brought to you by, all the people that have had a BAD WEEK!!

Anyway, If you have another statuses your own that you would love to share with us, we are really apprecaite it. please drop them on comment box.

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