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Easter Facebook status updates

Hello Facebookers! Well, for you who are celebrate an Easter day, then here are I provide you an easter status updates you'll find below. If you're the one who doesn't know what is an Easter really is. Easter is the time for holidays, festivals and a time for giving chocolate Easter eggs. But Easter means much more. Easter is the oldest and the most important Christian Festival, the celebration of the death and coming to life again of Jesus Christ. For Christians, the dawn of Easter Sunday with its message of new life is the high point of the Christian year.

Anyway, here are easter status. However if you need more interesting statuses with so many different of topics, just click here!

Dear Easter Bunny, this year instead of eggs filled with candy, can you please fill them will gas cards...cause Candy won't get me to and from work!!

Dear Easter Bunny, this year instead of eggs filled with candy, can you please fill them will gas cards...cause Candy won't get me to and from work!!

As we begin our Easter fun, remember JESUS is the Reason for this season as well!.

I saw a six-foot bunny at the mall yesterday. Either it's almost Easter, or my doc screwed up my meds again.

How do you tell if your chocolate bunny is a boy or girl? Bite it's head...if it's hollow, it's a boy.

Silly rabbit...Easter is for Jesus :)

I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and I tripped on something soft and fluffy. OMG, I think I killed the Easter Bunny!!

Dear Easter Bunny instead of candy can I please get gas cards and a ray of sunshine cos Mother Nature 4got that its spring now n gas folks 4got were all broke:)

Jesus took my place on the cross to give me a place in heaven

dear easter bunny, no easter eggs for me this year please, can i please have a decent honest guy instead?? oh never mind, just give me the chocolate!! hahaha

is wishing everyone an egg-stra special Easter weekend :)

Jesus Died, so I might live. Jesus suffered, so I might be healed. Jesus spoke not a word, so I might hear the Word. Jesus loved, so I might know. JESUS LIVES!

has been kidnapped by the Easter Bunny and is being forced to decorate eggs .. Ransom .. Send all your chocolate !!

just saw the Easter bunny and evidently, they isn't as fast as the duracell bunny.they was in the middle of the road...and it looked like they was flat out to me

Guess what I am gonna be doing this Easter? Hanging with my PEEPS!!!

Thank you Jesus for enduring my cross. Thank you for dying and rising again on the third day so I may have hope that I do not deserve! Happy Easter y'all!

Easter! what a Gift what a blessing, what a Miracle!

Easter is upon us once again. Remember Easter just isn't about giving out and receiving chocolate. It's about the death of the greatest man to walk the Earth

Hopes you like all the statuses above. However if you enjoy with all the statuses and if you wanna share your own statuses, please share with us on comment box below. It would really appreciated it. Thanks :)

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