Apr 12, 2011

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Dirty Facebook status updates jokes

Q: Why are guys faster than girls?
A: They have a stick shift and ball bearings.

Lol..haha, that's a joke? or a real? I don't know, you may have an interpretation mind about that, don't you? :D, anyway here I provide you dirty facebook statuses jokes. However, you can find out more interesting Facebook statuses with click here!

is very very good in bed... I can take 6-8 hours easy, even though I only get 2-3 if I am real lucky... Sleep! Dirty Minded Friends... lol

You're hot, wet, extremely satisfying. You always put a smile on my face and you're the first thing I want in my mouth when I wake up. Ahhhh COFFEE!!

says; me? dirty-minded? pfft. naah, i call it being imaginative.

People say I have a dirty mind... But I say its just creative!:)

hands are so overrated..I think I'll use my mouth ;)

wants to encourage you to have those dirty thought and have them more often than usual! No one needs to know why U r smiling like that !

I'm spread before I'm eaten. Your tongue gets me off. People sometimes like to lick my nuts. What am I? Peanut Butter

If you have a dirty mind and almost anything someone says can be turned into something sexual press like! ;)

intelligent people have dirty minds, coz ALL parts of the brain are equally developed..i can't help it :)

My idea of "friends with benefits" is another one of my friends doing my laundry. What were you people thinking.. I have morals.

A husband and wife are watching TV. The husband says "I can't decide between golf and porn." The wife says "Choose porn, you already know how to golf."

What do the Chinese call a 69? . Twocanchew -___-

When someone tells you "you suck," reply "I also swallow!" Leaves 'em speechless every time! ;)

Mr.tickle met the love of his life, his girlfriend Tess said she would marry him, so long as she didn't have to inherit his last name ;)

if you happen to write on the men's room wall as i do randomly add this one to your bathroom humor vocab. "if you're looking for the joke.. ITS IN YOUR HANDS!"

Me and a friend were walking down the street and saw a dog licking themself. Friend said, "Wish I could do that" and I said "I think you ought to pet them first.

What goes in hard and pink and comes out soft and squishy?
What?! It's bubble gum. Jeez, what were you thinking?!


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