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Thursday status Facebook updates

Morning everyone, its thursday, tomorrow is friday, which means its almost the weekend! don't you excited? :D, anyway I'm not much planned for today just like yesterday. I'm feeling better today, I'm up so early because I slept most of yesterday. Well, here are the thursday statuses you may love to post them on your Facebook wall. But, you may love another statuses I provided before on this blog with the various topics: funny, hilarious, love, clever, weekend, jokes, monday, tuesday, and more.

is thinking: tomorrow is Friday tomorrow is Friday tomorrow is Friday

says today was S.H.I.T - So Happy It's Thursday! Guess what that makes tomorrow? FRIDAY!! YAY!

hello Thursday so nice to see you again can't wait to see your brother Friday and your sisters Saturday and Sunday

A few more hours till i get that 'OMG ITS FRIDAY' feeling :)

Thursday, oh Thursday. You keep trying and I admire your devoted perseverance. But I must stay true. Friday is the only one that does it for me!

...says it's Thursday I can see the light of Friday!

It's FRIDAY Jr! :)

Oh Thursday I have one thing to say to you,.. Hurry up into Friday!

Thursday...Not quite Friday,but nearly there!!!
Bring On The WEEKEND!!

Bring it on Thursday, I'm not scared of you! Now your friend Monday, that is a different story.

wishes a "Happy TGIF Eve" to everyone!

It's almost Friday and I can hardly wait! Happy Thursday anyway :)

Friday and Saturdays forecast is happy with a chance of amazing :) Yeah baby!!! WELL . . . I guess I have to wait til Friday work-day is OVER!!! Dammit

Dear Thursday: Do you think you could hurry and leave so Friday can come? That would be great. Thanks MGMT ;)

Smile everyone..It's almost FRIDAY!

Thursday, it's not that I don't like you, I just wish you were more like Friday.

Lets start the weekend off early with a stiff one!! Happy Thirsty Thursday!

says T.G.I.F., friend replies S.H.I.T. (Sorry Honey It's Thursday). Well damn!!

Welcome to dysfunctional Thursday!

Its Friday, its Friday...wait, what?? - its only Thursday?? Damn! Move on people nothing to see here...

OK Thursday you've been here long enough it's time for you to go, move on & let Friday come to visit, NOW!!!

we made it over the hump and now it is down hill from here and if you stand on your tippy toes you can see the weekend starting to appear!

My luv/hate relationship with Thursday. Luv that Thursday means just one more day til Friday, hate that Thursday means there is STILL one more day til Friday!

Today is Thursday and it is acting suspiciously like a Monday.

It's Thursday...we're rounding turn 4 and heading for the checkered flag (Fri.). WOO HOO!

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