How to html code centered align gadgets widgets on sidebar Blogger

The longer you're bulding blog, the more you're collecting  widgets/gadgets. Then you might be think your sidebar widget/gadget looks like a mess and wild, it is looks like not aligned each others, finally it makes your blog looks not good. Anyway, in the previous post I have discussed how to align justify text post and this time I'll show you how to centered your gadget widget to get aligned. You can custom the position as you want. It could be on the center - left side or right side. Here's I provide you the HTML codes could make your gadget/widget at least look better :)

Copy paste these codes to any gadgets/widget that you want to centered, left side, or right side.

Align your widget to center

<div align="center">
Your widget code here...

Align your widget to right

<div align="right">
Your widget code here...

Align your widget to left

<div align="left">
Your widget code here...

Replace the blue texts with your Gadget code, and then save the Gadget. If you found any method how to make widget/gadget looks better. Please share with us on comment box

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Abhi said...

@yana: vry useful for all new bloggers...thanks yana....

Yana said...

@Abhi; it is my pleasure. Hopes it helps!

Marissa said...

Hi Yana,

Do you know how to fix the way my widgets are displayed? I would like to have a "static" or "fixed" side bar that stays on the page when i scroll down. Is there a way to separate them so they are not on top of each other?

Any help is appreciated!

Yana said...

@Marisa: I saw your blog, and I found the sidebar looks good and managable.

The widget is flexible. I mean, everytime you about going to "Add a new Gadget/widget" sure it'll displayed on the Top. But, you can reposition and drag them with your mouse and also place them as you want. So, the widget will placed on the place that you think it's a good place to display :)

I hope it helps. but, If you still have any question, please ask me..

Ashish Kumar said...

Thanks for the informative post!!!

Yana said...

@Ashis: You are very welcome Ashish :)

j@mes said...

Thanks for the information. I a newbie when it comes to blogging.

Where do I find the "Widget code" mentioned above? Do I just paste the widgetid=BloggerButton1 for example for the widget code?

Yana said...

@james: If you're new in blogging. You can find the widget from your dashboard > Design > Page elements > add a gadget. you can get the widget by choosing them on the liest or from the "search box" or you can get them from the outside you can copy paste into the section "HTML/javascript".

I hope this will help you James.

megstangz said...

what if i want it center left? like right under my side bar photo

Yana Suryana said...

@megstangz: for "left" side of thr widget, just choose the third option I mentioned above. Simply replace the "center" with "left". And you done!

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